Not Just Amber Glass

All great businesses are born when someone is passionate about solving a problem.  Read our history and you will discover Calumite was born to meet the need of a better glass product using a material that would reduce costs and emissions.  Many overlooked the benefits of slag, but a bigger vision for what was possible and a tireless pursuit of that vision has turned into some of the most important contributions to the glass production industry.  Read more about Redox and “ flow in a glass tank”.

Moving Forward

Calumite employs innovative and experienced experts around the world who understand every step in the process from creation and implementation of the slag to the glass furnace mechanics, emissions and outputs, and final glass production.

Over a century of experience among our glass technologists is at the disposal of any customer utilizing Calumite slag.  Our knowledge of furnace varieties, attention to composition detail, and overall expertise throughout the glass production process makes us a great partner for customers seeking more effective glass making raw materials.

Innovative Support

Our team is dedicated to continuous innovation and enhancements for a greater return on the raw materials we use .  Minimizing our environmental impact while enhancing the overall quality of  glass produced has always been our commitment and we will continuously seek out and employ leading edge experts who share that vision.  Our staff is available for on site technical support or off site consulting.