Chemical Composition

A raw material used in the production of soda lime silica glass, Calumite Slag is an essential ingredient in glass production. The primary benefits of the slag are reduced emissions, minimized energy consumption, and increased glass production quality.  These are primarily obtained because of the lower melting point of the calumite slag as well as a variety of other refinements.

A key characteristic of the slag is its compatibility with other raw materials used in glass making, this allows for a the use of Calamite slag to produce a variety of glass types.

Calumite Production Process

The specific properties of Calumite slag are viewable in the chart. Derived from iron melting or blast furnace by product, the materials are dried, crushed and sifted for a particular size, weight and composition suitable for glass making.

The quality control at the blast furnace ensures the chemical composition of the slag is consistent. Calumite Company, LLC has access to this QC information, which ensures the slag delivered to the site has been selected for maximum consistency and quality.

Calumite Slag producers emphasize quality control to ensure the consistency of the slag product produced and delivered. Consistent careful management ensures the consistency and efficiency of the slag.

The entire process is completely automated with frequent control checks.  Every stage has its own measures and QC tests to produce only the highest quality slag.  Final testing occurs prior to shipment to certify compliance of all physical and chemical components.